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Our Services & Prices

Meet n Greet

Meet & Greet = Free!

We offer free meet and greets, to give you an opportunity to meet us and a chance for us to assess you and your pet’s needs, so that we can tailor the best plan to suit both you and your pet.

Dog walking

Dog Walks

All our dog walks include a tailored program which will best suit your pet’s needs. Additional enrichment could include; Throwing sticks, balls and frisbees, swimming in rivers, oceans and the occasional muddy puddle, digging in dirt and sand, and of course lots of pats, treats and praise!

Dog walk routeThis is an example of the weekly report you can receive; it’s a great way of seeing where your pup has been during the week! 

Prices also include: Water, treats, biodegradable waste bags, a towel dry if wet, and a weekly update of your pets adventures that week with photos attached. 

All weather dog walking

We are an all-weather service (within reason) and will look after your dog and return them to you dry.
Check out our purpose built doggie taxi here!

Ask us about special prices on combinations of services!

Dog walking prices

Dog walk prices

Casual Rate = $55 (1hr Walk/Time spent with Pet)
2 Walks per week = $100
3 Walks per week = $135 (additional walks at $40)
Long Distance Run = $85 (For the dogs that need LOTS of exercise, a 5km run.)
Short Distance walk = $40 (For a shorter walk for dogs that can’t go for an hour.)
If you have 2 dogs, we are happy to walk them together; second dog is just $10 per walk.

With Precious Pets your dog is not just another number, we have found giving your dogs the attention they need in a large group is difficult, so we only have tight knit groups of 1-3 dogs on an adventure at any one time. For some dogs its best to be taken for a walk by themselves to ensure they are provided the attention they require.

Dog Training

Dog Training

$60 per session
General obedience, loose leash walking, puppy training and specific issues on request.
One-on-one at home training sessions tailored to the needs of you and your dog.
I will help you understand your dog better and give you the tools to communicate with your dog so they will better understand what you want from them.

Pet Sitting

Day Time Care

Day time Pet Visit = $50 per hour (This will include Feeding, Cleaning, Watering, Cuddles)

  • Good for pets who are left alone for a long amount of time.
    • Good for pets who are unwell and need extra attention.
    • Good for new puppies and kittens who need extra enrichment and training
    • Medical attention/rehabilitation
    • Pee breaks
    • For pets who have high energy


Overnight pet sitting

Overnight Care

While staying at your home, we will bring your mail in daily, water your plants and take your bins out when necessary.
We respect your home and can rest assured that we will leave no occupational footprint.

Benefits of having your pet looked after at home:
• Less chance of catching fleas, worms and other parasites.
• More personal 1:1 time.
• No travelling which can cause undue stress.
• Consistency in their routine.
• Reduce risk of stress induced behaviours

Canine friends

Canine friends

Canine friends: $120 per day/night
Includes a minimum 1 hour daily walk,  feeding, cleaning, replenishing water, play time enrichment, medication (if applicable), letting inside and outside.
Additional dogs: $10 each

Feline friends

Feline friends

Feline Friends: $65 per day/night (Extra cats are $10)
Includes feeding, cleaning, changing litter trays, replenishing water, play time enrichment, medication (if applicable), letting inside and outside.
Most cats are solitary animals that like their own territory. Over the holiday periods a lot of catteries can become overrun and cats can end up feeling very anxious and confined as a result. After years of working in catteries we have discovered that cats are happiest & healthiest at home, with one on one attention. The consistency in their routine will mean that the cat you leave is the same cat you come back to!

Small animals

Small animals

Small animals (which includes rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, amphines, turtle, axolotes) $65
The prices include; feeding, watering, cleaning of cages and habitats, playtime enrichment and medications if applicable.

Extra services

Additional services we provide

• Pet Taxi – Taking Pets to Groomers, Airport, Vet, New home = Cost dependent on distance.
• Pooper Scoopin’ = $20
• Pet Food Collection = $20
Ask us about special prices on combinations of services!

We offer dog walking, pet sitting and other pet-related services around Auckland, New Zealand. Specifically...

Our areas

We offer dog walking, pet sitting and other pet-related services around Auckland, New Zealand. Specifically…
  • Dog walking Epsom
  • Dog walking Greenlane
  • Dog walking Mt Eden
  • Dog walking Remuera
  • Dog walking Ellerslie
  • Dog walking Royal Oak
  • Dog walking Onehunga
  • Dog walking Orakei
  • Dog walking Penrose
  • Dog walking Manurewa
  • Dog walking Wattle Downs
  • Dog walking service Epsom
  • Dog walking service Greenlane
  • Dog walking service Mt Eden
  • Dog walking service Remuera
  • Dog walking service Ellerslie
  • Dog walking service Royal Oak
  • Dog walking service Onehunga
  • Dog walking service Orakei
  • Dog walking service Penrose
  • Dog walking service Manurewa
  • Dog walking service Wattle Downs
  • Pet sitting Epsom

  • Pet sitting Greenlane

  • Pet sitting Mt Eden

  • Pet sitting Remuera

  • Pet sitting Ellerslie

  • Pet sitting Royal Oak

  • Pet sitting Onehunga

  • Pet sitting Orakei

  • Pet sitting Penrose

  • Pet sitting Manurewa

  • Pet sitting Wattle Downs