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Meet the Precious Pets team


Doggie Whisperer

My sister and I grew up in a very animal friendly house, where Saige and I were lucky enough to live with all sorts of animals such as; dogs, birds, cats, chickens, frogs, fish, and even a duck who liked to nibble on my fingers occasionally when she would jump onto my bed for a cuddle! They were so much a part of the family that they all lived inside, the chicken & duck even had their own cubby holes in the house! My fondest childhood memories are related to the pets we spoiled with love and attention. 

As a result of getting so much joy from being surrounded by pets I have always been excited to look after my own! I now have a menagerie of animals at home that I help care for which includes; 5 parrots, 4 rescue chickens, and 2 border collies! 

While caring for my dogs I discovered a special affinity with our canine friends, so I expanded my knowledge through an online course in Caring for Dogs and Dog Behaviour/Psychology, so I can understand and look after them better. I am passionate about continuing my education in understanding animals and want to help others understand their pets too. My goal is to improve all pets lives through enrichment, care and understanding.
My Pet related training is shown below.


Vet Nurse

Dean and I were very fortunate to grow up surrounded by animals and nature, and have always had a natural affinity with all animals big and small. Animals have always sparked a sense of magic, nurturing and curiosity within me from a very young age.

Since then I have always known I wanted to work with animals and went straight into vet nursing when finishing high school. After completing a certificate in vet nursing through VetNursePlus and gaining some practical experience, I then travelled to the UK where I had the amazing opportunity of working as a locum vet nurse in multiple practices, which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained invaluable experience.

When I came back to New Zealand I decided that I wanted to get more into the pet care and dog walking industry, as my passions lie with the caring for and nurturing of animals. Owning a pet minding and dog walking business has always been a dream of mine and I feel very honoured to have the opportunity to pursue that in this venture with my brother Dean. 

I understand how precious pets are as family members, and how important they are as companions. I take a great amount of joy seeing animals healthy, happy and valued.
My pet related qualifications are shown below.